DOT New Entrant Safety Audits


Safety Audits

You got your trucking company up and running.
Your DOT number is active and your authority has been granted.

Unfortunately the work is not over yet. Each new company is placed in a DOT New Entrant Safety Program that requires an audit within the first 12 months of operation. The DOT will mail you a notice instructing you to schedule your New DOT Entrant Safety Audit. Please contact them to get this scheduled. It is not optional. Failure to schedule an audit will result in your business being shut down. DOT officers will audit your company to verify that you are maintaining proper safety regulations that keep you in compliance with FMCSA guidelines. Don’t let this worry you. Interstate Transportation Consulting is here to help make sure you have everything you need to properly pass a safety audit. Contact us today at (801) 972-6033 and let us walk you through what you need to pass your audit and keep on trucking.

What are some things they will look for in the audit?

  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Drug & Alcohol Test Results
  • Public Liability & Cargo Insurance
  • Log Books (for the last 6 months)
  • Daily Inspections (for the last 3 months)
  • Out of Service Reports
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Permits and Registrations

What would make me fail my Safety Audit?

According to the FMCSA website a New Entrant will AUTOMATICALLLY FAIL the Safety Audit if they have any of the following violations:

Alcohol and Drug Violations

    • No alcohol and/or drug testing program.
    • No RANDOM alcohol and/or drug testing program.
    • Using a driver who refused a required alcohol or drug test.
    • Using a driver the company knows had a blood alcohol content of 0.04 or greater.
    • Using a driver who failed to complete required follow-up procedures after testing positive for drugs.

Driver Violations

    • Using a driver without a valid CDL.
    • Using a disqualified driver.
    • Using a driver with a revoked, suspended, or cancelled CDL.
    • Using a medically unqualified driver.

Operations Violations

    • Operating a motor vehicle without having in effect the required level of insurance.
    • Failing to require drivers to make hours-of-service records.

Repairs and Inspections Violations

  • Operating a vehicle declared Out-of-Service for safety deficiencies before repairs are made.
  • Not performing OOS repairs reported in driver-vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs).
  • Operating a CMV not periodically inspected.

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