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Driver Qualification 

Are your trucks licensed and ready to be filled with eager drivers?

It is important to make sure that all drivers are safe, responsible, and following DOT guidelines before they hit the road. This is where your Driver Qualification File comes into play. The DOT requires that each driver, whether part of a large company, or a sole proprietor, have one of these files in place. DOT officers will check to make sure these are up-to-date during any audits that might take place and if forms are missing you could be placed out of service.

It is YOUR responsibility to hire drivers. It is also YOUR responsibility to road test and complete background checks on all drivers that you put in your trucks. Once you are confident in who you are hiring let us help you fill out your DOT Compliance forms.

These files contain many different time consuming forms. If you are the type of person who just wants to drive their truck and leave the paperwork up to someone else that’s where Interstate Transportation Consulting can help you out. Contact one of our trained Driver Qualification File Specialists at (801) 972-6033 and let us help ease this process for you.

Let Interstate Transportation Consulting help with your files.

Your time is precious. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to complete your driver file. This will ensure we have all of the paperwork ready to go for you.

You will be required to bring in a few supporting documents with you. Please be prepared to provide:

  • A Valid CDL License
  • Social Security Card
  • Medical Card and Long Form
  • Current Driving Record

You may further speed up the process by printing out the Driver Application for Employment and have it filled out completely prior to coming to our office. DOT requires that you provide 10 years worth of previous employment history that is driving related. If you have not had your CDL license for that long then you are required to provide 3 years of previous employment history from any type of work. Bring the filled out application to our office with the above requested documents and you will simply need to sign your name to a few forms and be on your way. Our goal is to eliminate the tedious paperwork so that you can focus on earning money for your company.

We are here to help get you on the road faster.


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