Does the word “Taxes” make you nervous?

IFTA fuel taxes are a quarterly tax that must be filed with your base jurisdiction if you have apportioned plates and your vehicle has a gross registered weight greater than 26,001 pounds. The tax is calculated based on the mileage that you run and the fuel that you purchase. This requires a lot of calculations and confusing forms that can be very time consuming. If you don’t have the time to focus on filing this every 3 months let Interstate Transportation Consulting take the stress from you.

What is required to file your taxes:

We have simple trip envelopes that you can get from our office. Each envelope is set up to allow you to record your routes and deliveries on the outside of the envelope. Inside the envelope you can place all of your receipts and keep them in one convenient location. Fill out these envelopes for each trip you take and then simply bring them into our office by the end of the quarter. We will handle the rest. Interstate Transportation Consulting will figure out your mileage for the quarter and prepare and file your IFTA Taxes for you. We will submit everything to the State of Utah (or your base jurisdiction) and then inform you if you received a credit or owed a fee.

We also will file other quarterly taxes for you including:

  • New Mexico Weight Distance Tax
  • Kentucky Weight Distance Tax (KYU)
  • New York Highway Use Tax (HUT)
  • Oregon Weight Mileage Tax (Monthly or Quarterly filings)

If you can not make it to our office to pick up envelopes from us we have provided the following links below. Simply print off the front and back of a fuel tax envelope, fill it out like normal, and staple it together with your receipts. Our office staff will take care of the rest.

Are your IFTA taxes higher than you want to pay?

Each state charges a different tax rate for the mileage you run and diesel you purchase. The link below will take you to the current tax rates. This will help you compare which states may be hitting you the hardest with taxes. If you want further help to lower your taxes contact Interstate Transportation Consulting today at (801) 972-6033 and let us go over your most recent IFTA tax return with you. We can help you determine which states are better to purchase fuel and help lower your costs so that your business can continue to succeed.

Click for current IFTA Tax Rates

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